Artist Carl Samson portrait demonstration


Carl Samson has excelled at teaching in a variety of positions and venues. Known to be especially articulate in elucidating painterly principles, he has given lectures, led workshops of his own design, done portrait demonstrations in various cities while Chairman of the American Society of Portrait Artists, and has mentored artists privately in his own studio.  A long term goal of Carl’s is to develop a more formal arrangement to teach regularly in the Cincinnati area. Meanwhile, he is available for lectures, demonstrations, seminars and workshops worldwide. 





It is often gallery directors or consultants who help collectors build their private collections today. It wasn’t so long ago, however, that respected artists sometimes performed this role. Carl Samson continues this tradition and can be retained to help serious collectors build a deeply satisfying collection.  He is also available to give his expert opinion as to a painting’s authenticity or evaluate where a given work falls artistically within an artist’s oeuvre.  His special areas of expertise are Cincinnati Golden Age, Boston School and American Impressionist works. Carl has also recorded his observations on Monet, Duveneck and Rembrandt for several art museum audio guides. He is available for additional work in this vein, as well as lectures and speaking engagements.


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To retain Carl for any of the above services or for any additional questions, please contact us here.