Carl J. Samson has had a number of paintings and drawings featured in movies and purchased
by members of the film industry.


The movie Artworks2003 Arté Films

Artworks, a drama/romance starring Virginia Madsen, Rick Rossovich and Daniel von Bargen, (2003 Arté Films), included five of the artist's pieces. Directer/producer Jim Amatulli first asked Carl to paint a picture of a baby girl that would be a key plot element in the movie. Carl painted an image based on the likeness of his own twin daughters that wonderfully served the plot’s purpose. In fact, The Artist's Infant Daughter was so well received that several more of Carl's paintings and drawings were secured for the film. Samson's name was also written into the script and became part of the storyline.


The Collector, (detail), 20” x 24”, oil on linen canvas, SOLD, private collection. Featured in the movie Artworks.


The Artist's Infant Daughter, 12” x 9”, oil on linen canvas. Painted for and featured in the movie Artworks.

The Artist's Wife, 20” x 16”, alla prima, oil on linen canvas, collection of the artist. Featured in the movie Artworks.



Portrait of Natalie Portman as Padmé Amidala Resplendent with Naboo Mandala, 24" x 20”, oil and gold leaf on chestnut panel, collection of George Lucas, LucasFilm Ltd.

Star Wars

In 2009, Carl was asked to submit sketches for a potential painting to be included in director George Lucas’ upcoming book Star Wars Art: Visions. Carl submitted two sketches, both which depicted Natalie Portman as Padmé Amidala, Queen of Naboo and mother of Luke Skywalker. The image of Padme in profile was chosen and Lucas liked the finished painting so much, he bought it for his own personal collection. Carl's piece, with its stylistic nod to Byzantine icons, features Padmé's likeness painted on a wooden panel with gold leaf background, and a mandala, or orbital path of her native planet Naboo, incised as a circular halo. The painting is currently on tour as part of the ongoing exhibition Star Wars Visions curated by George Lucas.

Portrait of Natalie Portman as Queen of Naboo, 27" x 33", charcoal and chalk on paper


George, Rosemary and Nick Clooney

Nick & Nina Clooney were special guests for the American Diabetes Association fundraiser Brushes With Greatness
when Carl Samson was Signature Artist. Together, they collaborated on a special artwork to highlight the event - a large autographed charcoal drawing of the three Clooneys in the film industry: George, Rosemary and Nick.
Though George and Rosemary were not able to pose for the drawing, Nick did so in Carl's studio. The drawing was then sent to George and Rosemary separately to autograph, and Nick visited the studio once more to add his signature.

Nick Clooney autographing Brushes With Greatness triple charcoal portrait drawing