Portraits of Men

A selection of men’s portraits. Images are details, click to enlarge.


It is the great privilege of portrait painters to meet and become acquainted with men of significant achievement in a variety of fields of endeavor. From judges to academics to physicians to corporate leaders, the painter’s time in the studio with his subject, however brief, is a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to quiet conversation if desired, or listening to music without distraction — often a welcome respite from the day’s activities. Typically the sitter's life experience and character are written into the features on their face, whether they be a captain of industry or a much loved husband, father or son. The high calling of portraiture is to carefully read those cues, resulting in an unmistakable characterization for posterity. Pictured above are examples of men’s portraits painted by Carl J. Samson. Images are details, click to enlarge.

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