Portraits of Women

A selection of women’s portraits. Images are details, click to enlarge.


At its best the portrait painting profession is a noble pursuit, delving into the character and measure of an individual in ways that are both subtle and profound. The many women in academia, medicine, law, business, philanthropy and the arts that have come through the studio over the years have been representative of a broad and fascinating array of strong personalities from these very fields of interest. They are often also wives, mothers, sisters and daughters who are loved and cherished by their families and colleagues. The portraitist's job then is to seize on the characteristics that set one set of features apart from another. It is perhaps a more subtle pursuit in feminine portraiture, at once requiring a greater degree of sensitivity in the modeling of the forms of the head while depicting character and expressing force of personality. Pictured above are examples of women’s portraits painted by Carl J. Samson. Some images are details, click to enlarge.


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